Located in the Port of Tacoma, Washington, Pacific Fluids is a full service petroleum and chemical compounder, blender, packager, and marketer. 

Our experience has taught us how to serve our customers through innovative marketing and delivery methods that are tailored to meet customers' needs, whether the firms are industrial, commercial, pulp and paper, forestry, mining, trucking, commercial fishing, construction, aerospace, marine or government.

Pacific Fluids has the people and the assets to do the job properly.

Located directly on the Port of Tacoma, Pacific Fluids' facility is equipped with port access, rail siding, significant bulk storage capacity, warehouse storage, and a fully equipped quality control laboratory.

Fixed assets include lubricant blend tanks with pulse air mixers, lightening mixers and heat exchangers, and stainless steel chemical blend tanks on electronic load cells with heat exchangers and lightening mixers.

Packaging equipment consists of drum, pail, and gallon filling equipment. Transportation equipment consists of a fleet of tanker and package delivery trucks.

Site Aerial Photo of Pacific Fluids
Pacific Fluids Service Area Map
Pacific Fluids Blend Tanks
Pacific Fluids Delivery Truck