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Synthetic alkylate type compressor oils are primarily used when customers seek lubricants with outstanding fluid stability, resistance to oxidation, longer fluid life, superior oil return, and lower fluid floc and pour points than napthenic or hydrocracked Paraffinic mineral oils.

SynCool  AB fluids are high quality synthetic alkylate lubricants designed for use in industrial compression of ammonia, halogenated refrigerants, and with hydrocarbons in refrigerating applications.  The SynCool AB series are excellent lubricants for systems utilizing environmentally friendly non-CFC alternative refrigerants due to superior miscibility characteristics.  The SynCool AB series are also superior products for all R-22, R-123 and R-502 systems, particularly at low temperatures.

SynCool  AB fluids are designed for use in rotary screw, reciprocating, or rotary vane compressors in refrigeration systems.




Cold storage               -           Industrial Refrigeration

Seafood Processing     -           Food processing


Synthetic alkylate compressor lubricants

SynCool  AB 32  - data sheet, MSDS

SynCool  AB 68  - data sheet, MSDS