PRODUCTS - Glycol Fluids


Inhibited glycol fluids are used widely for secondary cooling and heating applications for freeze and burst protection of pipes and for various de-icing, defrosting and dehumidifying applications. 

Ethylene glycol fluids are used primarily when the end customer desires a fluid with slightly better freeze and burst protection but where minimal probability of release to the environment exists.  Propylene glycol fluids are used where risk of a potential environmental release is present or fluid toxicity is a concern. 


HVAC freeze & burst protection      -            Refrigeration warehouse floor heating

Solar heating                                       -           Sidewalk heating

Air preheating                                     -           Process cooling

Process heating                                   -           Conveyor roller defrosting

Fermentation cooling                          -           Indirect food cooling

Immersion freezing

Propylene glycol fluids

            Triafrost PG          - data sheet, MSDS

            Triafrost PGX     - data sheet, MSDS

Ethylene glycol fluids

            Triacool EGX      - data sheet, MSDS